Consultation on a citywide Landlord Licensing Scheme

Consultation on a citywide Landlord Licensing Scheme

We have undertaken a 12-week public consultation for a citywide Landlord Licensing scheme, known under legislation as 'Selective Licensing'.

Start Date: 4th March 2019
End Date: 26th May 2019

It is the council’s strong belief that everyone in rented accommodation deserves and has the right to live in a safe and well managed home, no matter what part of the city they live in.

Liverpool has had a citywide Landlord Licensing Scheme since 1st April 2015. The current scheme ends on the 31st March 2020 and it is clear from evidence that whilst a lot has been achieved, there is still much to accomplish.

Through the existing scheme, we have made remarkable progress in ensuring that the legal requirements of the scheme are complied with. This has involved:

  • issuing licences to landlords
  • tackling unlicensed properties
  • ensuring that landlords comply with licence conditions
  • dealing with disrepair and unfit properties
  • addressing anti-social behaviour 

The proposal we have consulted on recommends the continuation of Landlord Licensing for all privately rented properties in Liverpool. This means that all private landlords within Liverpool would still require a licence for each of their rented properties.

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What happens to my views?

All questionnaire responses will be processed by Opinion Research Services (ORS), an independent research company.

Only the ORS research team will see your submission. Feedback from individual members of the public will be completely anonymous in ORS’s report of the consultation findings.