Ask us to fly a flag or light a civic building

We can help show Liverpool's support for local, national or international campaigns and events by illuminating our civic buildings and flying flags on them too.

The civic buildings in Liverpool which we can light up or fly a flag on, other than the Union flag, are:

[Can we name which flags other the Union flag are available? The colours that can be used?]

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from local, regional and national charities and organisations for campaigns of an inclusive nature.

We cannot accept requests from private or business enterprises, political campaigns or causes that may polarise public opinion.

We have a high volume of requests each year and a busy civic calendar too, which means there is a limit to the days we have available. 

How to apply

Please use the online form below to make a request. 

Make a request to fly a flag or light a civic building

[Privacy notice?]

What happens next?

[Rough timeline for responses]

Contact us

[Can we include for pre-application enquiries and questions if requests is refused? Will need to a team email box to setup a contact form]