Women in Science launch 7th June, 6-8pm

Free exhibition in the Hornby Library (Central Library building) from 7th June until 31st August 2019

Launch event free - 7th June, 6-8pm

About the exhibition

Created and curated by the Library Service the exhibition was originally inspired by the Liverpool MakeFest Festival had been designed to reflect the diversity of women working within the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Maths disciplines as well as highlighting the increasing fusion between these fields and artistic and cultural creativity.

According to the Office of National Statistics, women are underrepresented in core STEM occupations making up less than 23% of the workforce and only 9% of the engineering workforce is female. These are growth employment areas with skills shortages that could be resolved by the recruitment of more women.

Additionally the growth of the impact of science and technology on creative industries indicates that acquisition of STEM skills are essential for the artists, entrepreneurs, designers and manufactures and the general future workforce.

With these skills are essential at all levels of employment and career progression, the exhibition reflects the diversity of ages and entrance stages of STEM skills acquisition across a range of employment. We have brought together 12 local Liverpool women to share their experiences and their own stories of inspiration in the hope that this will inspire both young and older women into exploring these subjects and relating them to their own, interests, employment prospects, or career development.

The exhibition fits within the Culture Liverpool RISE programme: A season of extraordinary female artists, thinkers and leaders that celebrates inspirational women.

Launch event free - 7th June, 6-8pm

Come and listen to some of the women who helped to curate the exhibition and listen to their stories. No need to book