World premiere artwork by Turner Prize holder

The world premiere of artwork by Turner Prize holder Lubaina Himid is to be unveiled in Liverpool

'Random Coincidence' will be unveiled by the artist at 2.30pm on 23rd November at the Liverpool Central Library, after which the public are invited to hear Lubaina speak about her career and take part in an artist Q&A. This event is free. More information on the launch event on 23rd November can be found at

The work is on display from 9am-8pm every day from 23rd November to 7th December. 

Lubaina’s new series, 'Random Coincidence', comes in response to a week she spent inside The Guardian as a 'ghost' artist in residence with access at the highest editorial level to observe how that publication thinks, works and decides to present news.

The access offered to Lubaina as part of this experiment was totally unprecedented for The Guardian, or any UK news outlet.

Lubaina spent time with editorial staff at all levels to understand the process by which the news agenda is shaped and disseminated at a global news outlet. Her interest was based in a personal, cultural critique of the news media, and in this instance the newspaper she reads - The Guardian - via the lens of race and the depiction of black people in the news.

As part of her Turner Prize award, Lubaina painted over pages of The Guardian and critiqued it fiercely for its depictions and presentations of black people. Her critique appears to have hardened and deepened – both in relation to the Guardian, and the wider news media.

Lubaina Himid said: 'The Random Coincidence Project is about reflection and taking care. Journalists at the Guardian are putting information, investigation and analysis out there and everyday we readers think about their work talk to each other about whether we agree and act upon it wherever we can.

'This is not a fight between an artist and a news organisation it’s a collaborative, multi-level conversation about clarity, fairness and the future of how we can communicate more effectively.'