National Pool Lifeguard Qualification

About the course (REF: RLSS/RASSD)

This course runs from Wednesday to Friday for two weeks and you will spend two 90 minute sessions in the pool per day. Read course information an pre-requisites on the RLSS website.

How to apply

Choose a course date below and submit the application form.



  • Please bring shorts and a t-shirt to swim in, pens and a copy of the lifeguard manual from previous courses, if applicable.
  • Lunch is not provided.

Venue and times

All courses take place at Austin Rawlinson Sports Centre, L24 0TR and start from 9am-5pm.

Professional Body: Royal Lifesaving Society

Course dates

Course Number Date
231 31/1/2/7/8/9 Feb 2018
232 28/1/2/7/8/9 March 2018
233 18/19/20/25/26/27 April 2018
234 16/17/18/23/24/25 May 2018
235 13/14/15/20/21/22 June 2018
236 11/12/13/18/19/20 July 2018
237 12/13/14/19/20/21 Sept 2018
238 31/1/2/7/8/9 Nov 2018