Competitions at Liverpool Tennis Centre

Liverpool Tennis Centre run Mini Tennis competitions every month for all players in Red (8 and under), Orange (9 and under) and Green (10 and under). 

We also run Junior Ratings events for players aged between 11 and 18 years old.  These events give players two matches against opponents of the same LTA rating and as similar age as possible.

How to enter

Enter online via the LTA website using the codes below.  All players must have a British Tennis membership. Places are limited so please enter early. For more information call 0151 233 5433.

  • Mini Red and Mini Orange start at 11.30am-2pm, Mini Green 11am-2pm.  All £10.
  • Junior Ratings: 1pm-5pm
Mini Tennis competitions - Summer 2019
Competition Date Code
Mini Red (8 and under) Sunday 7th April  LAN19S3510
Mini Red (8 and under) Sunday 12th May LAN19S3513
Mini Red (8 and under) Sunday 2nd June LAN19S3516
Mini Red (8 and under) Sunday 7th July LAN19S3519
Mini Red (8 and under) Sunday 4th August LAN19S3522
Mini Orange (9 and under)  Sunday 14th April LAN19S3511
Mini Orange (9 and under) Sunday 19th May LAN19S3514
Mini Orange (9 and under) Sunday 9th June LAN19S3517
Mini Orange (9 and under) Sunday 14th July LAN19S3520
Mini Orange (9 and under) Sunday 11th August LAN19S3523
Mini Green (10 and under) Sunday 28th April LAN19S3512
Mini Green (10 and under) Sunday 26th May LAN19S3515
Mini Green (10 and under) Sunday 16th June LAN19S3518
Mini Green (10 and under) Sunday 21st July LAN19S3521
Mini Green (10 and under) Sunday 18th August LAN19S3524
Junior Ratings events 
Competition Date Code
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 13th April LAN19S3490
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 18th May LAN19S3494
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 1st June LAN19S3496
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 15th June LAN19S3498
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 6th July LAN19S3501
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 20th July LAN19S3504
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 10th August LAN19S3506
Junior Ratings events (9.1-10.2) Saturday 24th August LAN19S3509
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 27th April LAN19S3492
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 11th May LAN19S3493
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 25th May LAN19S3495
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 8th June LAN19S3497
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 22nd June LAN19S3500
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 13th June LAN19S3503
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 27th July LAN19S3505
Junior Ratings events (7.1-8.2) Saturday 17th August LAN19S3508