Green Rally Awards (9-10 years)

Green 10 

  • Rally: Players have 3 attempts to have a rally of 10 (including forehands and backhands) over and in from the baseline.
  • Serve: Players have 3 attempts to hit 7/10 serves cross court from each side of the court (total 20 serves).
  • Come to the net: Players must hit 7/10 sets of 1 approach shot and 2 volleys in the court starting from just behind the service line (forehands and backhands).
  • Score and compete: Players use full tennis scoring and play out the points until they have finished 2 games. Players must call their own lines and keep the score. The players must have a BTM (British Tennis Membership).


  • Rally: Players have 3 attempts to have 2 cross court baseline rallies of 20 (forehands and backhands) in 90 seconds with a partner. The outside shot must only be used, and the majority of balls should be over the service line.
  • Serve: Players must hit 7/10 serves accurately from the baseline to the returners forehand or backhand. The server nominates where they will serve before each serve.
  • Come to the net: Players have 3 attempts to get 20 out of 25 shots in. The player plays 5 sets of; a deep approach shot, 2 deep volleys, a smash and a finishing volley.
  • Score and compete: Players play best of 3 tiebreaks or a 20 minute timed tennis match. The players try to win the points using different tactics. At the end of the match the player must describe 6 different ways they have won the point. N.B. The player must also play matches outside the programme and submit a match review detailing their opponents strengths and weaknesses.