Off Peak membership

Membership type Monthly DD contract Annual price Pay as you go monthly Pay as you go concession
Off Peak Adult £15.00 £150.00  £20.00 See below for details

What's included?

Daytime access to Lifestyles centres up to 4pm weekdays and all weekend:

Fitness suites 

Swimming pools 

Health suites 

Coached classes (excluding Aqua Running, Aqua Spin, Thai Boxing, Gymnastics) 

Badminton and squash court hire 

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Join online

Although you select a particular centre when joining, your membership terms and conditions apply across all centres regardless of where you joined.

Pay as you go concession

The Off Peak pay as you go concession is available to Liverpool residents in receipt of benefits, 60+ and full time students.

Pay the following discounted rate each visit:

  • Swim £1.65
  • Gym £3.30 (60+ £3.00)
  • Classes £4.00 (60+ 3.00)
  • Sauna/Steam £3.00
  • Health suite £4.00
  • Badminton/Squash £1.50
  • Gym induction £5.50 (60+ £3.00)

If you use the gym a lot, you can also choose from our 'gym only' option and save more money by paying up front for the following:

  • 3 months £55
  • 6 months £84
  • 12 months £138

Visit your local centre to sign up for the concession membership.

To prove you are eligible we will need to see an up to date benefit award letter, proof that you are over 60 such as a buss pass or birth certificate, or a letter from your college or university telling us you are a full time student.