Lifestyles terms and conditions

Cancelling or changing your membership

You must give two months notice if cancelling your membership.  A full explanation of the terms of your Lifestyles Membership agreement is provided on the reverse of the agreement you have signed.  

  • To cancel your membership, you must complete a cancellation form at the centre where you joined. We do not accept cancellations online, by email or by phone.
  • To amend your membership, complete an amendment form at reception.
  • To change your price plan, just inform a member of staff on reception. Changes in payments will take effect the following month for direct debit members.

General Admissions Policy

The General Admissions Policy covers both the swimming pools and fitness studios across all Lifestyles centres.

Lifestyles Etiquette and Gym Rules

Lifestyles staff will work with you to achieve your fitness goals in clean and high quality fitness centres.

Customer service information

Swim Academy Liverpool

Fitness Industry Association

We are a member of the Fitness Industry Association which is a trade body promoting excellence and best practice within the health and fitness sector.  As an operating member we aim to provide high standards of health and fitness activities, giving assurance and confidence to all our customers.

Terms, conditions and privacy

When you use this website you are agreeing to accept the terms of use set out in our privacy notice. Any personal information held about you or your membership will not be shared with third parties unless you have signed up to a membership which involves a third party, such as the Liverpool Citybike scheme. Please note that Citybike will have separate terms and conditions which you will be asked to comply with when signing up for this service through Lifestyles.