Football pitches

Payments will be taken at the time of booking either over the phone or at a centre. Enquiries and bookings for Walton pitches must be made via Ellergreen.

All pitches are floodlit.


Centre Pitch How to book
Everton Park x2 3G Contact Everton
Garston x3 synthetic Contact Garston
Park Road x1 synthetic Contact Park Road


  • Adult £34.50 | *Adult Off Peak £17.25
  • Junior £17.25 | *Junior Off Peak £8.75
  • Clubs £28.80 | Schools £16.60

*Off peak available at Garston only before 3.45pm weekdays and all weekend.


Centre Pitch How to book
Austin Rawlinson x3 synthetic Contact Austin Rawlinson
Cardinal Heenan x4 synthetic Contact Cardinal Heenan
Croxteth x2 3G Contact Croxteth
Ellergreen x2 synthetic Contact Ellergreen
Everton Park x4 3G Contact Everton Park
Park Road x1 synthetic Contact Park Road
Peter Lloyd x4 synthetic Contact Peter Lloyd
Aquatics/Tennis Centre x4 3G* Contact Tennis Centre
Walton x3 3G Contact Ellergreen

*Pitches at Aquatics/Tennis Centre available Mon-Thurs and only two pitches available Friday evenings.


  • Adult £51.80 |Adult (Croxteth) £45.00 | Adult Off Peak £28.80
  • Junior £25.90 | Junior (Croxteth) £22.50
  • Clubs £43.10

9-a-side/Full size

Centre Pitch How to book
Aquatics Centre x1 9-a-side (Fridays only) Contact Tennis Centre
Walton x1 9-a-side and 1 full size Contact Ellergreen


  • 9-a-side £57.50 | Full size £75.00