Local Plan Examination

Liverpool City Council submitted the Submission Draft Liverpool Local Plan for independent examination in May 2018. 

The submitted documents include the following:

  • Liverpool Local Plan – Submission Draft May 2018
  • Liverpool Local Plan – Submission Draft Policies Map and City Centre Inset Policies Map May 2018
  • Liverpool Local Plan – Submission Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report (including Technical Appendices and Non-Technical Summary) including Strategic Environmental Assessment and incorporating Equalities Impact Assessment and Health Impact assessment
  • Infrastructure Delivery Programme 2018
  • Regulation 22 Statement Of Consultation
  • Copies of ‘duly made’ representations received following publication of the Pre-Submission Liverpool Local Plan (Regulation 20), and 
  • Other supporting documents and information relevant to the preparation of the Local Plan.

In December 2018 the independent Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State sent a list of initial detailed comments and questions to the City Council. The City Council responded in September 2019. The City Council’s response comprise two, of a number of, Examination Documents (See LCC01a and LCC01b). All of the Examination Documents can be read and downloaded from the Programme Officers website, via the link below.

The Inspector issued a revision to the proposed timetable on 5th May 2020 leading up to the hearings; this timetable is as follows:

5th May 2020 Matters and issues published.
5th May 2020 Inspector's guidance notes to be issued.
6th July 2020 Submission date for hearing statements.
w/c 27th July 2020 Agendas for the hearings to be issued.
18th August 2020 Hearings open (these are likely to last for approximately 2 weeks, 18th-21st and 25th-28th August.

For further information please visit the programme Officers site using the link below.

Programme Officer

Helen Wilson is the Programme Officer for the Examination, she is an impartial officer of the Examination and works under the direction of the Inspector.

The Programme Officer publishes documentation and other details about the Local Plan Examination, including the Examination Documents list. 

More documents and details will be posted as they are produced.

 Visit the Programme Officer's website