Lifestyles guide

1) Service Alerts

There are 2 types of alerts:

  • Alerts – for single use only
  • Know before you go – for multiple use on one centre

The alerts are located towards the top of the content tree, just below ‘Home’.

Lifestyles Service alert single use

1.1 Which alert type to use?

The single use alerts are for when there is a single piece of information and is displayed as a single box, similar to what we use on the site.

The ‘know before you go’ are for when there may be several things going on at one centre. So spinning, swimming and box fit may be cancelled, so this allows you to add separate dates, information etc but it will display on the centre page as an expand and collapse.

It will not allow you to add both alert types to a page at the same time.  If you do, the ‘Know before you go’ will get priority.

In both cases, you can set an expiry date so the alert will disappear from the page. Ideally, we should check expired items and remove them from the folder so things are easier to manage as we can’t create sub folders for each centre.

Before you choose which alert to use, just check the page on the live site for where you are adding the alert to see if any existing alerts are already in place.

1.2  Creating single use alerts

Click on ‘Alerts – for single use only’ in the folder. You’ll see a list of alerts open up on the right. To create a new one, scroll to the bottom and select the ‘+’ sign.

Title – This title will not be used on the site, but is for us to easily identify where the alert is for, so please give it a meaningful name. If it is specific to one centre, include the name in the title i.e. ‘Ellergreen pool closure notice’. 

Text – This is where you’ll add your message.  But you’ll also need to add a title here. So add a title first ‘Aquatics pool closed for gala’, highlight it and select ‘Heading 2’ from the format. Then continue to add your message as usual.

Severity – choose either ‘major warning’ – which is red, or ‘general information’, which is blue. The ‘minor warning’ is purple and ‘good news’ is green, but don’t think these were defined colours in the design. Will check with Jayne if they should be used.

Start date – If you want the alert to appear straight away, put today’s date in. Or you can schedule an alert by putting in a later date.

End date – You must add an end date or the alert won’t show on the site. Once the end date has expired, it will unpublish from the site.

Show on all pages – This defaults to yes, so please make sure you switch this off if it’s only to show on certain pages. You don’t want an alert for Ellergreen to show on Aquatics!  I’ll put a request in to get this changed so it defaults to no.

Selected pages – This allows you to choose the pages you wish the alert to show on. Once happy, just save and publish.

1.3  Creating ‘Know before you go alerts’

Click on the folder ‘Know Before You Go – for multiple use on one centre.

Click ‘+’ to add an alert.

Heading: Always use the name of centre followed by – know before you go! E.g.

  • Aquatics Centre – know before you go!
  • Ellergreen – know before you go!
  • Swim Academy – know before you go!

This heading will be used at the top of the centre page.

Items – Click ‘Add content’ then enter the details for your first item:

Heading: e.g. Spinning cancelled

Visible from: enter date you want it to show

Visible to: enter date you want it to end

Days: Enter the full date here i.e. Monday 12th April

Times: Enter the time here i.e. 10am or 10am and 5pm

Text: You don’t have to enter text here if the cancellation itself is self -explanatory. But you can add more detail if needed i.e. Class cancelled due to staff sickness. Apologies for any inconvenience.

All pages: Again, please make sure this is set to no x – I’ll put a request in to get it changed not to show by default.

Specific pages: Select the page/s the alert needs to show.

If you want to have a go at any of the alerts or functionality, there is a test page you can use:

2  Adding companies to corporate list/FAQs

The accordian functionality is used for the corporate list and within the contact us section for FAQs.

To add or edit accordians, go to the content page in umbraco i.e. /memberships/corporate-memberships/ click on the second tab ‘Content-grid’ and scroll down until you come to the accordian. 

Click anywhere on the accordian, select the letter where you wish to add the new company, add it to the bullet list and click ‘done’, then save and publish.

3     Timetables

3.1  Classes and adult swims

The main timetables for classes and adult swims are pulled through to the site via Legend and these appear on each centre homepage under the ‘Classes and adult swims’ (if the centre doesn’t have a pool, it will just say ‘Classes’) We don’t need to do any updates to those as they are managed by centres – but they sometimes forget we don’ manage them.

If anyone emails asking us to update a class or adult swim, just tell them they are managed in Legend and to contact their administrator or Lauren Loughlin/Stacey Smith to manage those updates.

3.2  Public swims

We currently manage the public swims via the website. This is because they can’t be added to the Legend booking system as they are non-bookable activities (public swims are drop in). There are two sets of timetables – Term time and School holidays. The centres are never clear with their times and it takes a lot of back and forth to figure out what they’re on about most of the time.

Most of the time, the timetables are set to term time mode. Then we switch them to school holiday mode during half term/summer holidays if centres tell us they will be changing. Sometimes for half terms, centres won’t change the normal schedule.

To know whether a centre is currently set to ‘term time’ or ‘holiday’ mode, go to the centre page, click on ‘Timetable Tabs’, expand ‘Public swimming’, then click on ‘Legend Timetable Builder’ (see screenshot below)

Lifestyles timetable


This will open an ‘edit item’ box on the right of the page. Open the box, scroll down and you’ll see which timetable it is currently using under the ‘Selected timetables’ heading:

Timetable selection

So you can see above that Alsop is currently set to ‘term time’.

You cannot edit timetables from here. The public swim timetables are managed through the ‘Legend’ Calendar tab in the left nav of the site (where you navigate between Content/Media/Forms/Legend). I’ll put a session in to show you how these work.