Don't park on the pavement

Parking a vehicle on the pavement causes a dangerous obstruction for pedestrians and puts lives in danger.

Could a parent with a pram get past? Could a person in a wheelchair get through safely?

It forces people who are trying to use the pathway to step into the road, move closer to traffic and puts vulnerable pedestrians such as parents with prams, the elderly, the partially sighted and those using wheelchairs at serious risk.

By carefully selecting a safe area to park and leaving enough space for pedestrians to pass by, you can help to save lives.

As a city, we want to make sure that our pavements are safe and accessible for everyone; prams, wheelchairs and people.

We are asking all drivers to stop and consider the space they are leaving for pedestrians when parking.

So, if you’re visiting a shop, dropping the kids off at school, or going to the park, please consider the safety of others when leaving your vehicle and help to keep our pavements safe for everyone.