Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

People with hidden disabilities, including autism and some mental health conditions, can now apply for a Blue Badge. New eligibility criteria include being unable to complete a journey without:

  • risk of serious harm to your health or safety, or that of any other person such as a young child with autism
  • it causing you very considerable psychological distress
  • considerable difficulty when walking - both the physical act and experience of walking

Who can get a Blue Badge?

A Blue Badge helps you park closer to your destination if you have a severe mobility problem or a hidden disability that makes it hard for you to use public transport. Blue Badges are given to either the driver or the passenger of a vehicle they are travelling in. You may automatically qualify for a Blue Badge or need to be assessed.

Apply online

A Blue Badge costs up to £10. It can take up to 12 weeks from receipt of payment for your badge to be issued.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge via GOV.UK

Rights and responsibilities

The Department for Transport guide for Blue Badge holders explains your responsibilities as a badge holder, including how to display the badge and when you need to use a parking clock.

Your Blue Badge remains the property of the council and we the have power to withdraw it in some circumstances. We may also ask you to return your Blue Badge if:

  • your misuse of your badge leads to a relevant conviction
  • we are satisfied your badge was obtained by false representation