Lost or stolen Blue Badges

If you live in Liverpool and have lost your Blue Badge or you have had it stolen, please contact us to request a replacement using the instructions below. The fee for a replacement badge is £10.

Alternatively, you can visit a One Stop Shop and ask them to process your request.

Contact us

Please email us at bluebadgeapplications@liverpool.gov.uk with your full name, address, crime reference number (if your badge was stolen) and attach a copy one of the following items that prove your identity.

  • marriage, birth or adoption certificate
  • valid driving licence
  • passport
  • pension award letter
  • Tax Credit award letter or a letter from the Inland Revenue 
  • DWP or DLA benefit award letter
  • National Identity Card

We'll get back to you with our decision within 15 working days and tell you how to pay the £10 fee if we've decided to replace your badge.