Mandatory and discretionary Blue Badges

Blue Badge permits provide parking concessions if you have severe mobility problems and have difficulty using public transport. Blue Badge holders can either be the driver or the passenger of a vehicle they are travelling in.

Mandatory Blue Badge

You qualify for a mandatory Blue Badge without any assessment if you are over two years old and you:

  • Are registered as blind.
  • Scored 8 points or more in the 'moving around component' of your PIP. 
  • Receive a higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.
  • Receive a War Pension Mobility Supplement.

How to apply

You must apply online using the button below. Details of how to pay the £10 application fee online are on the confirmation page once you have submitted your application. You will also need to upload copies of ID and proofs.

Alternatively, you can got to any One Stop Shop to pay and have your proofs and ID checked. To do this, you must take the unique reference number given to you when you submit your application.

Apply online for a mandatory badge

Discretionary Blue Badge

You (or your representative) will need to complete a self assessment (which is part of the Blue Badge application form) to prove you are eligible for a discretionary Blue Badge if you are:

  • Over two years of age and have permanent and substantial disability which means you cannot walk, or makes walking very difficult. 
  • Drive a motor vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms, and are unable to or would find it difficult to operate all or some types of parking meter.
  • Apply on behalf of a child under the age of two who has a medical condition that requires bulky medical equipment or immediate access to a vehicle for treatment.

How to apply

You must apply online using the button below. You will need to upload copies of ID and proofs. Alternatively, you can take the proofs and photo ID to any One Stop Shop for them to be checked, along with reference number given on submission of the form. 

Once your request has been assessed and accepted, we will send you a confirmation letter or email with instructions on how to pay the £10 fee.

Apply online for a discretionary badge

Rights and responsibilities

The Department for Transport has developed a useful guide for Blue Badge holders. It explains your responsibilities as a badge holder as well as how to display the badge and when you need to use a parking clock. Visit the website to find out more.

It should be noted that the Blue Badge remains the property of the issuing local authority which has powers to withdraw the Blue Badge in some circumstances.

The authority may also require the return of a Blue Badge on account of its misuse leading to a relevant conviction, or where the authority is satisfied that the Blue Badge was obtained by false representation.