Apply for or renew a resident or visitor's permit

Who are they for? 

Resident and visitor parking permits are issued in residential areas where parking has become a problem and a parking zone has been introduced. 

If you live in a parking zone, you can apply for a permit for your vehicle and for a visitor's vehicle - unless you live in a ‘car free’ development (please check your lease or tenancy agreement for details).

How to apply

If you are on the Council Tax and/or Electoral Register you can apply online for a resident and/or visitor permit.

Please allow 15 working days for your application to be processed.

Please note: If you live in a property which spans multiple numbers, e.g. 40-48, please just enter the first number in the 'House No' field, e.g. 40, on entering the application.

Apply for a permit

Renew a permit

Uploading supporting documentation

You will be prompted to upload supporting documentation, e.g. proof of address. You can do this during the application or or log back in within 10 days, using the application number and PIN emailed to you. 

Log back in to add supporting documents

If we do not receive your supporting documents your application will be refused.

Alternatively, visit your local One Stop Shop.

Can a residents parking zone be set up in my area? 

While we understand residents may find is difficult to park in their street when non-residents use it to park on, we can only create new residents parking zones when external funding is secured, for example, as part of a large approved development in the area.

However, if access to your driveway is often blocked by parked cars, you may be able to apply for an ‘H’ mark to be painted on the street outside your property. Find out more about 'H' marking.