PEP Test

PEP Test

You must complete all mandatory fields before submitting the form. It will then be sent to the social worker, Designated Teacher at the school, the LAC Review Unit and LACES.

Info! A copy of this PEP will be automatically returned to the email address you provide above, it is your responsibility to ensure the email address is secure and correct. Do not use a personal email address.

Provide details of all others present at the meeting

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Please identify appropriate targets to support the pupil's educational progress (this can be focused on achievement in a subject/area or the pupil’s personal development:

Targets in the Personal Education Plan must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound). It is suggested that there is a significant focus on subject specific achievement, especially reading, mathematics and other key subjects and also a personal target relating to the pupils personal development.

Intervention method
Intended outcome
Who will monitor
Minimum of 3 targets required
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Demonstrate how the Pupil Premium Funding is used by the school to improve outcomes and achieve the agreed targets.

Review your application before submitting.