What you need to get planning permission

Different types of planning applications require different kinds of background information in order for us to validate and process them.

When you submit a planning application you’ll need to provide all the relevant documents, drawings and plans along with your application and payment.

Depending on what permission or consent you're applying for, we have a number of validation checklists which tell you what you need to include with your application and whether they fall under national or local requirements.  You should read these alongside the more detailed national and local validation guidance below.

Validation checklists

Read the checklist appropriate to the planning permission or consent you're applying for. You should read these alongside the national and local validation guidance notes which provide more detailed information, before submitting your application.

National requirements

An overview of what you need to supply is below, but we advise you to download the full national and local validation guidance for more detailed information:

Location plan

  • Based on an up-to-date Ordnance Survey map at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500.
  • Show at least two named roads and surrounding buildings.
  • Show house numbers or names on all properties and mark the edge of the application site clearly with a red line.
  • Draw a blue line around any other land you own.

Site and other plans

  • This is a more detailed plan at a scale of 1:500 or 1:200 and should show the relationship of the proposed development to the site boundary and any buildings on neighbouring land.
  • Other plans include roof and floor plans and proposed elevations.

Certificates and statements

  • Ownership certificate stating the ownership of the property.
  • Agricultural holdings certificate – whether or not the site includes an agricultural holding.
  • Design and access statement (if required).

Local level requirements

In addition to the national requirements above, you’ll also need to make sure you include specific documentation required for applications in Liverpool.  These are detailed in our validation checklists for each application type, but you should read the full national and local validation guidance for more detailed information:

Buying location and site plans

Buying your plans from an accredited supplier means they are less likely to be rejected.  See the Planning Portal for details on how to make sure your plans are valid and a list of accredited suppliers

You can buy copies and extracts from Planning Portal Request a Plan or  Liverpool Record Office for recent editions of Ordnance Survey Maps nationwide for planning applications, boundary disputes, geneology and local history.   You can also buy directly from Ordnance Survey.

Please note that Planning and Building Control no longer provide Ordnance Survey maps.