Do I need planning permission?

Household planning rules are complicated but there are tools we can recommend to help you work out if you do need to apply for it.

We recommend you use the Planning Portal to find out if your project requires planning permission as it provides information on the planning rules, permitted development limits and building regulations for over fifty common home improvement projects and commercial and residential developments.

The Planning Portal’s interactive visual guide is a great way to explore how to progress common householder projects and whether you need permissions for them or not.

Other consents to consider

You'll also need to consider the following permissions and consents:

  • Building regulations approval. Building regulations apply to most building work - even if you don't need planning permission, therefore it is important to know when approval is needed.
  • Listed Building Consent. Special consent is required for any work on a listed building.
  • Tree Preservation Orders. You must check whether an order has been taken out to protect any tree your work might affect.

You should also check the following permissions before starting any work:

  • Covenants and private rights.
  • Rights of way.
  • Ancient monuments
  • Licensed sites
  • Protected species
  • The Party Wall

You can view the full list of permissions to consider on the Planning Portal and you may find some of our planning advice notes useful when approaching your project.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to seek planning permission and it should be granted before work begins.

If you’re not sure whether your project needs planning permission, get in touch and one of our planning officers will be happy to help.