Coronavirus update for planning and building control

On site precautions

In line with government advice, building control staff are taking precautions to protect themselves, residents, builders, vulnerable people and the NHS to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19. 
Before we carry out an inspection of building work the inspecting surveyor will ask:

  • nobody in the building is self isolating due to a COVID-19 infection or has symptoms
  • nobody in the building is self isolating because they are classed as a vulnerable person
  • builders to provide proof of a suitable and sufficient COVID-19 risk assessment and that safe systems of work are in place to deal with COVID-19
  • hand-washing or sanitising facilities are available on arrival and departure for the surveyor to use
  • there will be no physical contact such as hand shaking
  • anyone on the site must observe the Public Health England rules on social distancing meaning each person will need to be at least 2 metres apart. Surveyors may request that they carry out the inspection unescorted - if it is safe for them to do so - and will report to the person in charge of the work when exiting the work area or building

Failure to follow these precautions will result in the termination of the inspection and future inspections will be postponed until this current health crisis has ended.

Our surveyor(s) and planning officers will also confirm, on arrival that they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been in the presence of anybody with the symptoms.