Current Local Plan documents

Planning applications are currently decided upon primarily by using the policies of the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), a statutory document which is a one of the documents that sits within the Local Plan. The UDP will gradually be replaced when the Liverpool Local Plan is adopted and until this time the UDP policies will still be used to determine planning applications.  

In some cases the policies in the Joint Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan will also be applicable. View a list of UDP Policies which were replaced by the Waste Local Plan.

The new Liverpool Local Plan

The council consulted on the Pre-Submission Draft of the new Liverpool Local Plan between January 26th and 9th March 2018. View the new Liverpool Local Plan.

Other adopted documents

Joint Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan is concerned with the scale, location and type of facilities required to manage all types of waste in Merseyside and Halton. The Waste Local Plan was adopted on 18th July 2013.