Unitary Development Plan

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is a statutory document that plays a major role in shaping the future of the city. It shows what every piece of land in the city can be used for. It was adopted in November 2002.

Under the new planning system, the UDP is a ‘saved plan’, which means it is a Local Plan Document within the Local Plan framework.

In 2007 the City Council identified that four policies are not amongst those saved as follows:

  • Policy E5: Economic Development outside Regeneration Areas
  • Policy E7: Telematics
  • Policy HD2: Statutory List
  • OE8: New Countryside Area

The adoption on 18th July 2013 of the Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan means that the following six UDP Policies are no longer in operation:

  • EP3 Landfill Gas
  • EP4 Landfill
  • EP5 Waste Related Uses
  • EP6 Waste Reception Centres
  • EP7 Recycling
  • EP8 Fly Tipping

The rest of the UDP will gradually be replaced by the new Local Plan. Until then the UDP, together with the Waste Local Plan will comprise the adopted statutory documents for making planning decisions in Liverpool.

The new Local Plan is at an early stage in development however the City Council has resolved that the Core Strategy will be at the heart of the Local Plan. The Core Strategy policies, which reached ‘submission draft’ stage in 2012 will subject to alignment with the NPPF, be treated as a material consideration in planning decisions.

The UDP comes with a Proposals Map that shows which policies apply to certain areas of Liverpool. Download the UDP:

You can request to buy a printed copy of the UDP and Proposals Map by emailing development.plans@liverpool.gov.uk or call 0151 233 3021.

The adoption of the Waste Local Plan on 18th July 2013 requires amendments to Liverpool's adopted Unitary Development Plan Proposals Map. As these involve changes to very small areas on the Proposals Map the City Council is not reprinting it in full, instead the amendments are posted here:

Supplementary planning guidance notes (SPG)

The following guidance notes have been produced to go with the UDP. These give more details about the policies within the UDP, and have been written after public consultation and enquiry.