Planning Inspectorate privacy notice amendment for Local Plan Examinations

Please note that this notice is supplemental to and amends the Planning Inspectorate Local Plan Privacy Notice. These notices fully set out how we handle your personal information and should be read together.

Handling your personal information

Your privacy is important to us. Please note the points below explaining the personal data that we will be processing specifically for a Hosted Virtual Hearing.

Please note that when joining a Virtual Hearing, regardless of who is hosting, on certain digital devices or by phone, other parties may be able to see the email address or phone number that you use to join the event. There are some well- established methods that you can use to avoid the un-intended disclosure of your personal information.

What will be collected?

  • Display Name
  • A video or audio recording of the event will be processed by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) for this specific

How is it collected?

This information has been provided to you via the hosting Local Planning Authority’s Privacy Notice which explains the collection of data and relevant contractual third-party arrangements for virtual events.

The LPA will be hosting the event using Microsoft Teams as a platform to hold the hearings and they will be live streaming the event on the day. Please see the LPA’s separate privacy notice.

What metadata will be taken from joining?

No metadata will be collected by the Planning Inspectorate. Please see the authority's privacy notice.

Where will it be stored

This will be stored by the LPA in accordance with their privacy notice.


The Planning Inspectorate does not use any of its own technology or storage for the creation and presentation, or collection of cookies or web-beacon analytics for these hosted events. These will not be collected by the Planning Inspectorate during this event.