Household planning permission

Household planning rules are complicated but there are tools we can recommend to help you work out if you do need to apply for it. These tools will help you decide if you need to apply for permission. They do not, however, give you a definitive source of legal information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

In addition, there is a host of information on your responsibilities as a householder on the Planning Portal. The Planning Portal is the Government's online service for planning.

Planning permission and Building Regulations approval are two separate things.

Do I need permission?

Some extensions and alterations to your home can be carried out without requiring planning permission; this is known as permitted development.

For further information on whether you will need planning permission, please visit our Permitted development page.

Interactive guide

Interactive guides on the Planning Portal help you explore how to progress common householder projects

Other common household projects

There are a host of interactive guides to planning rules relating to common projects and the planning laws of England that relate to them. These include those listed below.

You can also read our windows advisory leaflet if you are installing windows in a Listed Building or you live in a conservation area.