How to use Planning Explorer

Planning Explorer is the system we use to publish planning applications in Liverpool.  You can:

  • Search for planning application by a variety of criteria.
  • View details of planning applications.
  • Identify the status of a planning application.
  • Submit comments on applications during the appropriate stage of the application process.
  • View documents related to planning applications.

We only store applications from the year 2000 onwards on our planning system. If you think an application is missing, please contact us.

Quick search by application number

The quickest way to find an application is by entering the application number into the search field, with no spaces. For example 10A/0471.

If you are entering part information then use * or % to replace missing information. E.g. 10A/047%.

Search by application number 

Advanced search

Search by criteria

If you don’t know the application number, you can do a detailed search where you can add any number of criteria:

  • Name of applicant or agent, such as Mr G Smith. If you’re entering part information use * or % to replace missing information, for example, %Smith%
  • Street name: Enter the house number, if known, and street name.
  • Proposal keyword: Enter information if known, for example, signage/demolish/refurbish. Use * or % before and after the word - %refurbish%

Search by date

If you don’t know much about the application details or you’re looking for more than one application, you can search and filter by date.

  • Search date type: Date received, date validated, decision date etc.
  • Search dates by month: Check this box if you’re searching for applications received in the last 12 months.
  • Set number of months: View applications received during the last month, two months etc.
  • Search dates by day: Check this box if you’re searching for applications received.
  • Set number of days: Choose from 1-31 to show applications received during that time period.
  • Search between dates: Check this if you’re searching for a range of dates from and to. For example, from 21-09-2010 to 05-10-2010.
  • Dates not applicable: This will auto check depending on what type of search you are making.

Start advanced search

Search results

The results page will show a summary of all applications received according to your search. For more detailed information about each application, click on the application number link.

In addition to the application details it includes the following section about other information for planning:

  • Application dates - shows all relevant dates for the application such as valid dates, consultation dates etc.
  • Application checks - shows certain checks, though not all fields will be populated. More information can be found in constraints and site history.
  • Application meetings - shows details of any planning committee dates.
  • Application constraints - shows details of all constraints on the application site such as any tree preservation orders or landfill sites.
  • Application site history - shows details of other planning applications associated with the site.
  • Consultees' details - shows details of anyone consulted about the application other than neighbours.
  • Neighbours' details - Shows addresses of neighbours who have been consulted.
  • Related documents - shows documents and letters generated on the application. Open them by clicking on the document name.

How to comment on an application

Comments can be made on all planning applications during the consultation period.  For most applications the statutory consultation period is 3 weeks from the date the consultation letters are sent out.

To see if an application is open for comment:

  1. Search for the application you wish to comment on.
  2. If comments are available, the ‘add comment’ option will be shown. 
  3. Add your comment and submit your details.

Your comment will be reviewed by a planning officer and will be taken into consideration as part of the overall decision making process.