Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

  • Acceptable Use Policy of ICT Equipment and Facilities

    This policy sets out the council's expected standards of behaviour when using corporate supplied ICT systems and resources.

  • Additional Leave Policy

    Sets out the process for additional leave requests and deductions from pay.

  • Additional Payments Policy

    Eligibility for payment outside of agreed allowances or taking on additional duties.

  • Adoption Procedure

    To provide employees and managers with an outline of the council's approach to adoption leave and pay in line with statutory regulations and guidelines.

  • Agile Flexible Working Policy

    This policy outlines how agile flexible working will be further adopted across LCC helping employees to maintain an effective balance between their work and home life.

  • Annual Leave Policy

    Annual leave entitlement, the provision for additional leave, 100% attendance and arrangements for employees who work non-standard working days.

  • Anti Alcohol and Drug Policy

    The council's formal arrangements for managing any form of alcohol and drug related issues.

  • Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy

    This policy sets out the council's commitment to creating a work environment free of any forms of harassment and bullying.

  • Anti Money Laundering Policy

    This procedure document supports the policy by detailing the systems and controls in place to ensure compliance with the Council’s legal obligations.

  • Apprenticeship Policy

    The council's adopted approach to apprentices and trainees, from recruitment to mentoring.

  • Attendance Policy

    The council's approach to supporting and managing attendance in the workplace.

  • Cloud Storage Policy

    This policy defines the acceptable use of public Cloud Storage services.

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