Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

  • Electronic File Disposal User Guidance

    This guide is to advise staff what steps should be taken to ensure that information held on computers is safely disposed of and only kept when needed.

  • Email User Guidance

    This guide is to advise staff what they can use email for and what is not allowed when using work email services and addresses.

  • Employee Volunteering Policy and Procedure

    Employees can request up to five days paid leave per year for the purpose of voluntary work in any single financial year.

  • External Secondment Policy and Procedure

    The process for arranging external secondment opportunities to and from external partnership companies into our out of the council.

  • Fixed Term Contracts Policy and Procedure

    The arrangements for providing temporary cover for an established or new post which has been created for a fixed term period.

  • Flexi Time Policy and Procedure

    Sets out the council's approach to flexi time and compensatory time off, subject to the expressed needs of any particular service.

  • Flexible Retirement Policy

    Sets out the definition of flexible retirement, its benefits and the application criteria.

  • Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

    This policy sets out what flexible working is and the criteria for submitting a request for flexible working.

  • Fostering Friendly Policy

    This policy applies to all employees of the City Council, including those on fixed term contracts who are: applying to become foster carers are approved foster carers (mainstream & connected person) and have a child in placement

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