Professionals: Children's social care referrals

Assess a child’s levels of need

What are the levels of need?

Levels of need online slider

This online tool will help professionals assess a child’s levels of need and decide which method of referral they should complete an EHAT or MARF referral.

Simply pick the appropriate level in response to each question.  The answers will then offer guidance on what course of action to take.

Always contact Careline immediately if you think a child has suffered, or is likely to suffer significant harm.

Click on the headings and select the level in each category

If you select a Level 4 for any item in this list you must fill out a MARF.

Select which level you think applies.

  • Physically Well
  • Adequate diet/hygiene/clothing
  • Developmental Checks/immunisations up to date
  • Regular dental/optical care
  • Health appointments kept
  • Speech and language development met
  • Skills/interest
  • Success/achievement
  • Cognitive development
  • Access to books and toys, play
  • Feelings/actions demonstrate appropriate responses
  • Good quality early attachments
  • Able to adapt to change
  • Able to demonstrate empathy
  • Positive sense of self and abilities
  • Demonstrates feelings of belonging and acceptance
  • Sense of self
  • Ability to express needs
  • Stable,affections with care givers
  • Good relationships with siblings
  • Positive relationships wit peers
  • Appropriate dress for different circumstances
  • Good level of personal hygiene
  • Growing level of competencies in practical and emotional skills such as feeding, dressing and independent living skills.

Select which level you think applies.

  • Provides for child�s physical needs e.g. food, drink and appropriate clothing, medical and dental care
  • Protects from danger or significant harm, in the home and elsewhere
  • Shows warm regard,praise and encouragement
  • Facilitates cognitive development through interaction and play
  • Enables child to experience success
  • provides guidance so that child can develop an appropriate internal model of values and conscience
  • Ensures that secure attachments are not disrupted
  • Consistency of emotional warmth over time
  • Ensures child accesses education available to them

Select which level you think applies.

  • Good relationships within family, even when parents are separated
  • Few significant changes in family composition
  • Sense of larger familial network/good friendships outside of family unit
  • Has basic amenities and appropriate Facilities
  • Parents able to manage working/Unemployment and do not perceive them as unduly stressful
  • Reasonable income over time, resources used appropriately to meet needs
  • Family Integrated into community
  • Good social and friendships networks
  • Good universal services in neighbourhood

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