Professionals: Children's social care referrals

Complete an EHAT

The EHAT is a simple tool for gathering information to help identify the needs of children and families and make a plan to meet those needs.

Its purpose is to provide a coordinated response so nobody misses out on the support they need.

It is designed to help practitioners record the needs and actions agreed with the parents, as well as engage the right support services for a child.

Before you start - help with assessing levels of need

Our online tool will help you assess a child’s levels of need and decide whether you need to complete an EHAT form or MARF referral form.

Simply pick the appropriate level in response to each question. The answers will then offer guidance on what course of action to take.

Use the online levels of need slider

Complete an EHAT

If you think a family may benefit from an early help assessment, please contact one of the EHAT offices below.

The team will check if the family already has an open EHAT and, if not, advise if an assessment is suitable for them. The can also offer information, advice and support. 

If you have not completed an EHAT before or would like refresher training, please email our North Liverpool Hub where staff can also answer any questions you may have about the EHAT process.

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