Refer a child or young person with SEND for outreach services

Liverpool’s outreach service offers a range of support for children and young people with SEND, from nursery age to post-16.

Following a referral and assessment, one or more of the following teams may work with the child or young person:

Who can make a referral?

If you are a SENDCo or inclusion manager, you can refer a child to us.

How to make a referral

First, you must gain consent to make the referral from the adult with parental responsibility for the child or young person.

We will send them an email asking them to confirm they give their consent once you have submitted your referral form.

Please read the SEND outreach service privacy notice [links to privacy notice] and share it with the person with parental responsibility so they understand how we use, store and share personal data.

They will also be emailed it when we ask them to confirm they consent.

Make an online SEND outreach referral now [links to new form]

What happens next?

We will contact you about the referral and the assessment process within [XX] working days.

We may need to carry out part of our assessment virtually so we can observe the child or young person at work, play and interacting with their peers. We may also ask you to send us videos of the child or young person.

Further information

If you need any further information or help or advice with an outreach services referral, please email