Report an adult at risk (safeguarding referral)

Report an adult at risk (safeguarding referral)

This process is for professionals such as care providers, GPs or clinicians to make a safeguarding referral where you have identified an adult with care and support needs is at risk of harm and unable to protect themselves because of those needs.

In an emergency

If a person is at immediate risk of harm call Careline on 233 3800 or contact the police on 709 6010. Dial 999 in an emergency or where there is any indication a criminal act has occurred.

Non-urgent referrals

For non-urgent referrals, use our adult safeguarding form below. You should complete the form on the day the safeguarding concern occurs.

Is it a safeguarding concern?

Before making a referral, please refer to the safeguarding adult procedures and when to report a concern.

If you are a contracted service provider working on behalf of the council and need to report incidents which pose a risk to service users, staff or members of the public, please use the incident reporting form. Do not submit a safeguarding referral.

Before making a referral

  • Have you discussed your concerns with the person?
  • Are you sure that a safeguarding referral is a proportionate response to the concern?
  • Have you notified the responsible organisations or agencies with immediate responsibility for ensuring the safety of the person?
  • Have you done all you can within the boundaries of your profession or professional code of practice to prevent harm or further harm occurring? It is not sufficient just to make a safeguarding referral.

Things we need to know

When you submit a safeguarding referral, you will need to tell us:

  • Why you’re concerned
  • If they have care and support needs
  • If they have given consent to share information and if not, why
  • If they or the next of kin want a safeguarding referral
  • The name, date of birth and address of the adult at risk
  • If anyone lives with them and relatives/carers contact details
  • If they’re getting help from any organisation
  • GP details and address
  • How has it affected them
  • What would they like to happen
  • Details of alleged abusers if abuse or neglect is suspected

Providing this information now means we are less likely to contact you for further information later on.

This form should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Make an adult safeguarding referral

What happens next?

We will review the information and decide if a safeguarding enquiry is needed. If we need to ask you further questions we will contact you within 48 working hours.

Definitions of abuse