What our learners achieve

Full-time Mum Rachel enjoys huge success with maths

Rachel Escoffey wanted to apply for a master’s degree in university but a maths qualification was a condition of her offer.

Her tutor discussed various flexible options for Level 2 maths and Rachel came into class for a trial period which worked out really well for her. She really gave it her best and is now well on the path to university and the start of a new chapter in her life.

Tutor Gillian Lyons said, 'I am really proud of Rachel and what she has achieved this year. Rachel has received an offer and is waiting for her certificate at L2 to continue with her ongoing achievement. I know Rachel will go on to achieve great things and I feel privileged to be a part of this story.'

Anjam flies with therapy qualifications

Anjam Anwar has shown a real commitment to her training.

She attained her qualification in Level 3 Certificate in Stone Massage Therapy. Anjam is the main carer for her Mum who is chronically ill, however despite some real challenges and a busy timetable with hospital appointments and coping with home visits she had excellent attendance, completed all of her homework tasks and evidenced a high competency in therapy techniques.

Anjam started a Level 3 Award in Crystal Therapy, which was interrupted because of lockdown. However, her tutor Catherine Smith continued to deliver the course remotely using Edmodo, emails and filming practical teaching videos, which were sent out to her.

Bntwahab's ESOL class helps her embrace life in the UK

Bntwahab Suliman, 23, has been in the UK for less than two years. She left Sudan to join her husband, starting her first ESOL class with us in September 2019.

She left the class in November to have her first child and returned less than three months later to continue her studies. She continued to engage regularly with her teacher and team throughout lockdown too. Her work ethic, enthusiasm and motivation have meant that she is now able to progress to the next level in September.

Thamilini improves her English during lockdown

Thamilini Senthilnathan, 36, came to the UK 18 months ago joining her first ESOL class in September 2019. From the beginning she has shown great professionalism and commitment in her learning.

Her work, attendance and punctuality has been outstanding throughout the course. She started the course pregnant, was due to leave the week we closed for lockdown giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in April.

Since the birth of her son, she has continued her learning during lockdown and has kept in regular contact via WhatsApp, making excellent progress. All of this while home-schooling her 12-year-old daughter too.

Seyed embarks on a new career path with our help

Seyed Moeinaldin Pasarvi, 51, has been in the UK for two years with his teenage son. A professional tailor in Iran, Seyed is open now to developing his skills for a new career or to continue his previous work.

He joined us and his first ESOL class in September 2019 and has shown huge commitment and enthusiasm throughout the whole course, including throughout lockdown. He will be returning to progress to the next level in September 2020, thanks to his hard work.