Closing dates for secondary school aptitude assessments

If your child is starting secondary school in September 2021, you must register for them to take part in the aptitude assessments by the dates below for the following schools. 

All dates, times and arrangements for the annual admissions timeline, aptitude assessments and open evenings are subject to change dependent on social distancing regulations due to Covid-19.  We advise you to visit the school websites for the latest information or contact schools nearer the time.
Aptitude and ability exam dates
School Registration closing date Date of exam Telephone
Archbishop Blanch 11/09/20 Week commencing 28/09/20 0151 233 7373
King David High School 09/09/20 Week commencing 23/09/20 0151 235 1420
Liverpool College 25/09/20 10/10/20 0151 724 4000 (ext 3228)
North Liverpool Academy 31/10/20 07/11/20, 12/11/20, 03/12/20, 05/12/20 0151 260 4044
St Edward's College 01/09/20 Week commencing 14/09/20 0151 281 1999
St Francis Xavier's Catholic Academy 28/09/20 03/10/20 0151 288 1000
The Belvedere Academy 18/09/20 (noon) 03/10/20 0151 727 1284
The Blue Coat 04/09/20 26/9/20 0151 733 1407


If the North Liverpool Academy, Liverpool College and the Belvedere Academy are oversubscribed a banding system is used to decide which children are offered places. The results of the test will place applicants in one of five ability bands.

If these bands are oversubscribed, random allocation is used to allocate places.  The aim of using banding is to help the academy to have a spread of children with different abilities and because of this applicants will not be informed about the outcome of the tests for these three schools.