Secondary school open days for September 2019 intake

It's important you make the right choice when choosing a secondary school for your child. To help you make your decision, schools are holding open days over the next few months. These are a great opportunity to meet staff and pupils, view facilities and find out more. You can also download these details as a pdf.

Liverpool Secondary School open days in 2018
School Date Contact
The Academy of St Nicholas, 51 Horrocks Avenue, L19 9NY Thursday 27th September 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Dave Lancaster. Telephone: 0151 230 2570. Email:
Alsop High School, Queens Drive, L4 6SH Thursday 27th September 4.30pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr J Mangan. Telephone: 0151 235 1200. Email:
The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Gardeners Drive, L6 7UR Thursday 27th September 5pm-7pm. Principal: Mrs T Greenough. Telephone: 0151 260 7600. Email: info@asfaonline
Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College, 55 Long Lane, L9 7BF Thursday 20th September 4.30pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr P Dickinson. Telephone: 0151 525 6326. Email:
Archbishop Blanch CE High School, 80 Earle Road, L7 6HQ Wednesday 27th June at 4pm-8pm. Headteacher: Miss Heather Duggan. Telephone:0151 233 7373. Email:
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Windermere Terrace, L8 3SB Tuesday 2nd October 6pm-8.30pm. Headteacher: Mrs Niamh Howlett. Telephone:0151 727 2064. Email:
The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvedere Road, Princes Park L8 3TF Thursday 20th September 10am-12pm. Principal: Mr P Kennedy. Telephone:0151 727 1284. Email:
The Blue Coat School, Church Road, L15 9EE Thursday 5th July at 6pm-8.30pm. Headteacher: Mr M Pennington. Telephone:0151 733 1407. Email:
Broadgreen International School, Queens Drive, L13 5UQ Thursday 5th July 4pm-8pm and Tuesday 18th September 5.30pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Ms S Beevers. Telephone:0151 228 6800.
Broughton Hall High School, Yew Tree Lane, L12 9HJ Monday 9th July 4pm-7pm and Thursday 20th September 4pm-7pm. Headteacher: Ms S Clarke. Telephone:0151 541 9440. Email:
Calderstones, Harthill Road, L18 3HS Thursday 27th September 4pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr Lee Ratcliffe. Telephone:0151 724 2087. Email:
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School - Sports College, Honeysgreen Lane, L12 9HZ Monday 17th September at 6pm-8pm. Headteacher: Ms K Smyth. Telephone: 0151 235 1430. Email:
Childwall Sports & Science Academy, Queens Drive, L15 6XZ Thursday 12th July and Tuesday 25th September 4.30pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr J Kerfoot. Telephone: 0151 722 1561. Email:
De La Salle Academy, Carr Lane East, L11 4SG Monday 24th September 4.15pm-6.15pm. Headteacher: Mr D Hayes. Telephone: 0151 546 3134. Email:
Fazakerley High School, Sherwood Lane, L10 1LB Wednesday 19th September 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr J Beaton. Telephone:0151 524 4530. Email:
Gateacre School, Hedgefield Road, L25 2RW Wednesday 26th September at 5pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mr J Roberts. Telephone: 0151 363 1111. Email:
Holly Lodge Girls' College, 140 Mill Lane , L12 7LE Thursday 12th July and 20th September 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr A Keen. Telephone: 0151 228 3772. Email:
King David High School, L15 6WA Tuesday 10th July 5pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr M Sutton. Telephone: 0151 235 1420. Email:
Kings Leadership Academy Liverpool, Dingle Vale, L8 9SJ Thursday 20th September at 6pm-8pm Headteacher: Mr M O'Hagan. Telephone: 0151 727 1387. Email:
Liverpool College, Queens Drive, L18 8BG Wednesday 11th June 4pm-6pm and Saturday 8th September 9.30am-12pm. Headteacher: Mr H Broekman. Telephone: 0151 724 4000. Email:
North Liverpool Academy, Heyworth Street, L5 0SQ Thursday 27th September 4.30pm-6.30pm. Headteacher: Mrs M Westerdale. Telephone:0151 260 4044. Email:
Notre Dame Catholic College, 180 Great Homer Street, L5 5AF Thursday 4th October 6pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mrs F Harrison. Telephone: 0151 235 1600. Email:
St Edward's College, Sandfield Park, L12 1LF Thursday 28th June 5pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mr Stephen Morris. Telephone: 0151 281 1999. Email:
St Francis Xavier's Catholic Academy, Woolton Hill Road, L25 6EG Tuesday 11th September 6.30pm-9pm. Headteacher: Mr D Yates. Telephone: 0151 288 1000. Email:
St Hilda's Church of England High School Thursday 12th July 3.30pm-7pm and Thursday 20th September 1.30pm-4pm. Headteacher: Mrs J Code. Telephone: 0151 733 2709. Email:
St John Bosco Arts College, Storrington Avenue, L11 9DQ Friday 6th July - open day tours 9am-12pm and Thursday 27th September 3pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr D Gidman. Telephone: 0151 235 1620. Email:
St Julie's Catholic High School, Speke Road, L25 7TN Thursday 20th September 3.30pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr T Alderman. Telephone: 0151 428 6421. Email
St Margaret's C of E Academy Thursday 5th July 5pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr S Brierley. Telephone: 0151 427 1825. Email:
West Derby School, 364 West Derby Road, L13 7HQ Thursday 13th September 3pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mrs S Graham. Telephone: 0151 235 1300. Email: