Secondary school open days for September 2020 intake

It's important you make the right choice when choosing a secondary school for your child. To help you make your decision, schools are holding open days over the next few months. These are a great opportunity to meet staff and pupils, view facilities and find out more. These details are also available to download in the primary to secondary transfer booklet.

Liverpool Secondary School open days in 2019
School Date Contact
The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Gardeners Drive, L6 7UR Wednesday 25th September 5pm-7pm. Principal: Mrs T Greenough. Telephone: 0151 260 7600. Email: info@asfaonline
The Academy of St Nicholas, 51 Horrocks Avenue, L19 9NY Monday 8th July 4pm-6pm and Thursday 19th September 4pm-7pm. Headteacher: Dave Lancaster. Telephone: 0151 230 2570. Email:
Alsop High School, Queens Drive, L4 6SH Thursday 26th September 4.30pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr Chris Wilson. Telephone: 0151 235 1200. Email:
Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College, 55 Long Lane, L9 7BF Thursday 19th September 4.30pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr P Dickinson. Telephone: 0151 525 6326. Email:
Archbishop Blanch CE High School, 80 Earle Road, L7 6HQ Thursday 27th June at 4pm-6.30pm. Headteacher: Claire Madeloso. Telephone:0151 233 7373. Email:
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Windermere Terrace, L8 3SB Tuesday 9th July 6pm-8.30pm and Tuesday 1st October 6pm-8.30pm. Headteacher: Mrs Niamh Howlett. Telephone:0151 727 2064. Email:
The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvedere Road, Princes Park L8 3TF Thursday 27th June 4pm-7pm. Principal: Mrs Julie Taylor. Telephone:0151 727 1284. Email:
The Blue Coat School, Church Road, L15 9EE Thursday 4th July at 6pm-8.30pm. Headteacher: Mr M Pennington. Telephone:0151 733 1407. Email:
Broadgreen International School, Queens Drive, L13 5UQ Thursday 4th July 4pm-6.30pm (International Open Evening) and Tuesday 17th September 5.30pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mrs K Beswick. Telephone:0151 228 6800.
Broughton Hall High School, Yew Tree Lane, L12 9HJ Monday 8th July 4pm-7pm and Thursday 19th September 4pm-7pm. Headteacher: Ms S Clarke. Telephone:0151 541 9440. Email:
Calderstones, Harthill Road, L18 3HS Thursday 26th September 4pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr Lee Ratcliffe. Telephone:0151 724 2087. Email:
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School - Sports College, Honeysgreen Lane, L12 9HZ Monday 16th September at 6pm-8pm. Headteacher: Ms K Smyth. Telephone: 0151 235 1430. Email:
Childwall Sports & Science Academy, Queens Drive, L15 6XZ Thursday 11th July 4pm-7.30pm and Thursday 19th September 4pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr J E Vincent. Telephone: 0151 722 1561. Email:
De La Salle Academy, Carr Lane East, L11 4SG Monday 24th June 5pm-7pm and Monday 23rd September 5pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr D Hayes. Telephone: 0151 546 3134. Email:
Fazakerley High School, Sherwood Lane, L10 1LB Wednesday 18th September 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr J Beaton. Telephone:0151 524 4530. Email:
Gateacre School, Hedgefield Road, L25 2RW Wednesday 25th September at 5pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mr J Roberts. Telephone: 0151 363 1111. Email:
Holly Lodge Girls' College, 140 Mill Lane , L12 7LE Thursday 11th July 4pm-6pm and Thursday 3rd October 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr A Keen. Telephone: 0151 228 3772. Email:
King David High School, L15 6WA Tuesday 9th July 5pm-7pm. Headteacher: Mr M Sutton. Telephone: 0151 235 1420. Email:
Kings Leadership Academy Liverpool, Dingle Vale, L8 9SJ Thursday 3rd October 6pm-8pm Headteacher: Mr M O'Hagan. Telephone: 0151 727 1387. Email:
Liverpool College, Queens Drive, L18 8BG Wednesday 19th June 4pm-6pm and Saturday 14th September 9.30am-12pm. Headteacher: Mr H Broekman. Telephone: 0151 724 4000. Email:
North Liverpool Academy, Heyworth Street, L5 0SQ Wednesday 20th September 4.30pm-6.30pm and Thursday 12th October 4.30pm-6.30pm. Headteacher: Ms E Vernon. Telephone:0151 260 4044. Email:
Notre Dame Catholic College, 180 Great Homer Street, L5 5AF Thursday 3rd October 6pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mrs F Harrison. Telephone: 0151 235 1600. Email:
St Edward's College, Sandfield Park, L12 1LF Thursday 27th June 5pm-8pm. Headteacher: Mr Stephen Morris. Telephone: 0151 281 1999. Email:
St Francis Xavier's Catholic Academy, Woolton Hill Road, L25 6EG Tuesday 24th September 6.30pm-9pm. Headteacher: Mr D Yates. Telephone: 0151 288 1000. Email:
St Hilda's Church of England High School Thursday 4th July 3pm-6.30pm Headteacher: Mrs J Code. Telephone: 0151 733 2709. Email:
St John Bosco Arts College, Storrington Avenue, L11 9DQ Thursday 26th September 3.30pm-7.30pm Headteacher: Mr D Gidman. Telephone: 0151 235 1620. Email:
St Julie's Catholic High School, Speke Road, L25 7TN Thursday 27th June 4pm-6pm and Thursday 19th September 4pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mr T Alderman. Telephone: 0151 428 6421. Email
St Margaret's C of E Academy Wednesday 10th July 5pm-7.30pm. Headteacher: Mr S Brierley. Telephone: 0151 427 1825. Email:
West Derby School, 364 West Derby Road, L13 7HQ Thursday 12th September 3pm-6pm. Headteacher: Mrs S Graham. Telephone: 0151 235 1300. Email: