Autistic Spectrum Disorder training

We offer advice, support and training to families of children or young people aged 0-19 years in Liverpool who are waiting for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment or already have a diagnosis.

Our training programmes

Our training programmes aim to build on a family’s knowledge of ASD, are tailored to the age of the child and accredited by the National Autistic Society (NAS). Most sessions are held during term time.

  • NAS Early Bird for under 4s. Eight classroom sessions and four home visits, plus support for families in the period between diagnosis and school. The child must be present for the home visits.
  • NAS Early Bird Plus for 4-9. Eight classroom sessions and two home visits. Two family members and one professional who works with their child can enrol together. Encourages home and school to share information, plan together and adopt a consistent approach. The child does not have to be present for the home visits.
  • Autism training programmes for 4-19. Six classroom sessions. This course aims to build on a family's knowledge of ASD and help them develop practical strategies to support their child.
  • Pre-diagnosis course: A one full-day workshop, or two half-day sessions, designed to help families support their child and manage their social, communication and behavioural difficulties while waiting for an assessment to be completed.

How to request training

If you are interested in any of the training programmes listed above, please use the online referral form below.

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Further help

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