Leaving care

The council must support you until you’re 21 (or 25 if you're still in education or training). When you leave care there’ll be a meeting to help you work out what you’re going to do next.

We will:

  • give you a personal adviser who stays in touch with you once you’ve left care
  • carry out an assessment to find out what advice and support you need - we will also prepare a plan to make this happen (called a ‘pathway plan’)
  • make sure you’ve got somewhere to live and enough money (until you turn 18)

Discussing your future

If you’re leaving care you’ll have a needs assessment with your social worker to discuss your future and develop a pathway plan. The pathway plan will look at what support you will need to live independently and include things like:

  • where you'll live
  • education, training and development
  • job options
  • money 
  • health
  • relationships and family
  • applying for benefits
  • financial management

We'll also look at specific support you might need if you have a disability or particular lifestyle need.

Your personal adviser will help you to claim everything you're entitled to and will stay in contact with you until you turn 21, or 25 if you're studying full time.

Further information