Cycle2Work terms and conditions

Cycle2Work terms and conditions

The scheme is open to Liverpool City Council employees aged over 18.

You can apply for ONE hire agreement, value from between £100-£1500, in increments of £10. Loans are available over a 12-month period.

You can purchase just cycling clothing and/or equipment and accessories via Cycle2Work. You do not need to purchase a cycle. Minimum order value is £100. 

Your first repayment will be taken from your salary the month after you have applied to the scheme.     

If your repayments would take your earnings below the minimum wage and so you are not eligible for the monthly-deduction scheme you may qualify for a single-payment scheme. Payroll will get in touch with you if they think this scheme would work best for you. Just apply in the usual way.

If you are on a fixed-term contract with less than 12-months left on your contract you are not eligible to apply. If your contract is renewed for 12 months you can apply at this point. 

Unfortunately, staff on the members' payroll are not eligible for the scheme.

Full terms and conditions will be stated in your hire agreement. Please note your individual terms and conditions may vary.

Please note that you can only have one active Cycle2Work account at any one time.

Once you have completed your 12 monthly payments, you will be free to start a new account.

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