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Health and Wellbeing

In this dedicated area you can find out how to get help with your mental health - from contacting one of our champions to accessing free courses, resources and support.

Employee Assistance Programme

Wellbeing support should be easily accessible and your experience of services such as counselling should be individual to you which is why we replaced our previous ‘on-demand’ counselling provision with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) delivered by MCL Medics.

All staff have access to the full range of resources provided by MCL Medics and this includes confidential mental health support and counselling. The advantage of this wellbeing offer is you don't have to seek manager referral, approval or raising of a purchase order. It's instantly available.

How can the Employee Assistance Programme help?

EAP is here to help you manage work and personal stressors, as well as support you through lifestyle changes. We’ve listed some of their specialities below:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercising
  • Lifestyle changes

Your benefits

  • Access to the app, free of charge, which provides information on total wellbeing including self help materials around mental health, exercise, nutrition and more. You can also book your own counselling sessions here through the ‘virtual world’
  • Next day counsellor appointments
  • Up to eight sessions with a counsellor
  • Telephone, online and face-to-face counselling
  • Legal information helpline
  • Specialist counselling (marital/family/trauma)
  • Supporting workplace & personal challenges
  • 24/7/365 confidential freephone support

Getting started

A detailed welcome page, with instructions on how to set up your confidential account has been created by MCL Medics for all staff to visit.

All you need to do is: 


Use the following password: WelcomeLCC 

If you require more help in accessing the service please visit the User guide. 

Instant access to EAP

For direct access to EAP please visit the following options:

For reference: LCC’s unique company code is 221393.


One of the most important aspects about the EAP is its confidentiality. We wanted to remove the potential barrier of accessing counselling such as requirement for management referral or requirement to raise a purchase order, moving to an EAP completely removes this as it is entirely self-referral (although managers can assist an employee to access with their consent should you wish them to) and we have already paid a flat rate so, please access it as much as you need. Your interaction with the EAP is entirely confidential, nobody at LCC will get a report or alert to your usage so whether anybody else, inside or outside of work, knows that you’ve accessed the service is completely up to you.

You’ll find more information on this on the MCL Medics' welcome page.

For managers

There’s really no admin you need to do on your end other than promote the service amongst your teams, encourage anyone who might need support to access (however they feel comfortable) and where possible share this flyer in communal areas so offline staff are also aware of how to access the service. 

Further information 

To learn more about EAP please visit the dedicated FAQs.

If you have any feedback or would like to raise any further questions please contact Wellbeing Lead, joshua.carrington​

Samaritans call back service

Staff can now access a new service to support their mental health and wellbeing.

The council has teamed up with The Samaritans in Liverpool and Merseyside to offer a 24 hour ‘call back service’ – a brand new initiative, the first of its kind in the UK, which is designed to help any member of staff who needs to talk to someone if they are struggling mentally.

You can get in touch with Samaritans about anything that’s troubling you. It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue.

Anyone who needs URGENT support from the Samaritans should not use the call back service, but instead call the national helpline on 116 123.

How to access the service

Please complete their confidential online referral form giving your first name, a contact number, and the date/time (within a two hour window) you would prefer a call back, plus a short description of your concerns.

Complete a Samaritans 24 hour call back referral

Your form is sent directly to the Samaritans and at no point shared with anyone in the council. The Samaritans do keep a record of calls but don’t identify/keep individual’s details.

Who can complete a referral?

You can refer yourself for a call back, or you can ask your manager or a trusted colleague to do it for you.

As well as council employees, the service is open to school staff, Liverpool Streetscene Services Limited (LSSL) and School Improvement Limited colleagues (SIL). 

How long will the call be?

There is no time limit on the call back you receive – you can take as long as you need to with a trained Samaritans listener.

You can also ask for ongoing support, by way of a daily or weekly scheduled call, if you need it.

Occupational Health’s Open Access Clinic

Occupational Health run a weekly open access clinic for employees to speak to the OH nurse for confidential and impartial advice. Appointments are every Friday for up to half an hour, you just need to email​

There is no need for your line manager to refer you, and information discussed will not be shared outside of your appointment.

If you need advice on anything to do with health and work, please get in touch and book an appointment, as spaces are limited.

Mental health and wellbeing champions

If you need a chat or signposting to organisations that might be able to help you, please get in touch with one of our trained mental health and wellbeing champions.

They are all members of staff who have undergone Mental First Aid training. They are contactable during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. You don't have to contact the one that works in your directorate - you can reach out to any of them.

Community Services

Craig Adley-Sweeney, Private Sector Housing, craig.adleysweeney​

Finance & Resources

Christine Cookson, Human Resource Service, christine.cookson​

Claire Holden, Customer Access Contact Centre, claire.holden​

David Bell, ICT, david.bell​

Emma Langton, ICT, emma.langton​

Jill Wiggins, Revenue and Benefits, jill.wiggins​

Linda Naylor, Customer Access One Stop Shops, linda.naylor​

Peter Rooney, Revenue and Benefits, peter.rooney​

Sarah Briscoe, Learning and Development, sarah.briscoe​

Sarah Thomson, Human Resource Service, sarah.thomson​

Vicki Boult, ICT, vicki.boult​ or 07872 466794

Adult Services and Health

Debbie Lloyd, Assessment Care and Delivery, debbie.lloyd​

Edith Gill, Assessment Care and Delivery, edith.gill​

Julie Arrowsmith, Assessment Care and Delivery, julie.arrowsmith​

Louise Klaveness, Assessment Care and Delivery, louise.klaveness​ or 07764443848

Paula Doyle, Quality Assurance and Safeguarding, paula.doyle​

Stacey McKeown, Careline,

Stephanie Scales, Governance, Safeguarding, Quality and Commissioning, stephanie.scales​

Regeneration and Economy

Gerard Roberts, Highways & Parking Services, gerard.roberts​

Jill McCluskey, Directorate Office, jill.mccluskey​

Karen Locke, Regeneration Team North, karen.locke​

Children and Young People's Service

Kimberly Corkish, Family Support and Residential, kimberley.corkish​

John Kennedy, Family Support and Residential, john.kennedy​

Yvonne Maddocks, Targeted Services for Young People, yvonne.maddocks​ 

Kate Savage, Strategic Planning and Intelligence, Kate.Savage​

Lisa Vint, Assessment, lisa.vint​

Office of Chief Executive

Ashleigh Stamper, Legal, Ashleigh.Stamper​

Emma White, Programme Management Office, emma.white2​

Liz King, Trade Union, liz.king​

Lyndsey-Lee Latta, Electoral Services, lyndsey-lee.latta​

Meet our Physical Activity Champions

We have a number of staff volunteers with a healthy interest in physical activity.

Our champions are here to listen to your views and ideas to encourage you to be more active inside and outside of work. They can signpost you to activities and initiatives you could benefit from.

And they can help if you find the prospect of getting fitter daunting. It’s not about being able to run marathons, but about small changes to your daily routine to get healthier.

With their support, you will discover that small improvements in your activity levels can reap BIG rewards in terms of your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Adult Services and Health

Gemma Black, Commissioning and Contracts Manager, Venture Place 4th Floor

Karen Lawrenson, Public Health Practitioner, Public Health.

Ian Knight, Team Leader, Customer Insight and Information Team, Ray Hurst Centre.

Community Services

Liz Hare, Personal Assistant, Community Services Executive Office.

Mark Lancaster, Lifestyles Operations Manager.

Jean Christopher, Specialist Assistant, Central Library.

Jean-Jaques Sillito, Fitness Instructor, Wavertree Sport Complex

Children and Young People Services

Michelle Than, Family Support Worker, Edge Hill CFC

Finance and Resources

Joe Russell, ICT Project Manager, 2nd Floor Premier Court

Julie Jackson, Training & Development Lead, 1st Floor Cunard Building

Regeneration and Employment

Lyndon Easthope, Business Support Assistant, Granby Adult Learning Centre.

Not got a champ in your area?

Our champions are a helpful bunch and can offer their advice whether you're in their directorate or not! 

If you have any questions about our Physical Activity Champions programme please contact John Farrell.

More resources and support

For further support, please visit the following:

  • Qwell – Online emotional wellbeing and mental health support.

  • Live Your Life Well Our Public Health colleagues have put together information, expert advice and support on how to look after your physical and mental health.

  • Kind to Your Mind Access a range of online therapy courses developed by professionals, as well as a knowledge base of free health and wellbeing apps.

  • – Talk Liverpool provide an online clinic or a self referral service offering assessment and treatment via telephone, on-line therapy via the SilverCloud programme as well as virtual face to face therapy via Skype.

  • The Stay Alive App is a pocket suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in a crisis, populated with Cheshire & Merseyside helplines. Open 24 hours a day, seven-days a week, they are available to people of all ages including children and young people who need urgent mental health support. In addition to the resources, the app includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a life box where you can store photos that are important to you.

  • Whether you’re already active and looking for something new to try or you’re looking for a start, the best place to begin is where you can find the right activities for you and view a range of activities that you can do from home.

  • Learning and Development continues to provide FREE virtual wellbeing sessions to all staff and members you just need to visit the LearningHUB or email learning​

Whatever you’re going through, you are not alone and it is ok, to not be ok.


We have produced series of short videos that offer useful techniques to help you manage stress, build resilience and start your day the right way.