Public internet access

There are many reasons why you might want to use a public internet access point. You may not have a computer, smart phone or tablet at home or you just don’t use it often enough to justify the monthly payments.  Whatever your reason, there are many places you can access the internet for free in Liverpool if you do need to do something online.

The map below provides the locations of digital hubs across the city, where you can access computers and the internet. There are also trained Digital Champions on hand at these organisations who can help if you’ve never been online before. You will also find a number of Digital Hubs on the Union Learn website or visit the Online Centre Network for hubs near you.

We recommend that you contact the individual organisations first to check opening hours and make sure a Digital Champion will be there, if you need one, when you visit.

All Liverpool libraries also provide free access to computers and the internet for library members and if you want to brush up on your computer skills, why not enrol on one of our adult learning computer courses.