A message from the Mayor of Liverpool City Council

Good mental health is fundamental to all our lives, and something that needs to be protected and enhanced. This is Me aims to do just that.

We know that Mental health plays a huge role in the quality of people’s lives, at home and in work. A third of our life is spent in work, meaning the relationships we form and pressures we feel there will have a massive impact on us over the course of many years. 

We also know that there remains stigma around discussing mental health, a culture of silence that means people do not seek the help and support they need, leading to devastating situations for individuals and their families.

We have to do better – as individuals and as businesses - we can make a difference. This Is Me can be that difference.

This Is Me is a pioneering mental health campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma and dispel the myths around mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness about positive wellbeing.

By bringing together businesses of all shapes and sizes to change the narrative around mental health, This Is Me can make a real difference to the lives and improve mental health in the workplace.

The campaign launched in London in 2016 and in Manchester earlier this year. There are already 520 organisations registered, with over 75 of those in the North West – reaching over 900,000 employees.

We need to get those numbers up, which is why I am proud to support This Is Me in Liverpool and have committed, along with our trade union partners, to embed the campaign in the working practices of Liverpool City Council.

With your support we can help raise the profile of positive mental health in the workplace and put an end to the stigma once and for all.

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