Consultation on a proposed inbound cycle route on West Derby Road

Start date: Monday 29th November 2021
End date: 5pm on Friday 7th January 2022

What are we consulting on?

Temporary inbound cycling route on West Derby Road

We propose to introduce a temporary inbound cycling route on West Derby Road from Silverdale Avenue to Farnworth Street. The proposed route would result in the following:

  • Cyclists on the route would be directed along the service road from Silverdale Avenue to Oak Leigh - existing traffic calming features would be removed and replaced with speed cushions which are more cycle-friendly.
  • A segregated on-footway cycle link is proposed from Oak Leigh - shared use sections would be needed at bus stops and controlled pedestrian crossings.
  • A cycle crossing and improved pedestrian crossing at the Orphan Drive/West Derby Road junction.
  • A segregated cycle path to allow cyclists to access Belmont Drive, where cyclists would proceed inbound on the carriageway.
  • A cycle lane from Belmont Drive to Rocky Lane, near Newsham Drive, to allow cyclists to re-join Rocky Lane.
  • A short, protected cycle lane on Rocky Lane to lead cyclists to the Sheil Road junction.
  • Beyond the Sheil Road junction, cyclists would mount the footway of West Derby Road where a segregated cycle lane is proposed - this lane would continue to Farnworth Street. Areas of shared use footways are proposed around bus stops.
  • 20mph speed limits to be introduced on Orphan Drive, Lister Drive and Gardner’s Drive – this will make the roads more suitable for use by cyclists.
  • A road closure to be introduced on Newsham Drive between Belmont Drive and Denman Drive to prevent rat running. Cyclists will be allowed through the closure.
  • Outbound - a segregated cycle path is proposed on the footway from Kilshaw Street until the point a third lane develops on West Derby Road.

The proposals will not see a lane of West Derby Road removed.

View the plans of the proposed changes below.

Improvement of conditions for cyclists in Newsham Park

We would also look to improve the conditions for cyclists in Newsham Park by:

  • introducing a 20mph limit on Orphan Drive, Lister Drive and Gardner's Drive
  • closing Newsham Drive between Belmont Drive and Denman Drive to motor vehicles - pedestrians and cyclists would still be allowed through

How to comment

We'd like to hear your views on this proposal. Please complete the online survey below.

Comment on the proposals for West Derby Road

Comment on the proposals for Newsham Park

Paper surveys are available at the Hope Centre on Buckingham Road, Tuebrook off West Derby Road from week commencing 29th November 2021 where you can also view a small exhibition. Council officers can’t unfortunately be available all the time but we will be retrieving survey results on a weekly basis.

What happens to my views?

We ask for your details on the survey so we can design a cycle route which connects our communities together. Your comments may be included in the consultation report given to committee and published on this website, but your name and details will not appear next to them.

All comments will be kept solely for the purposes of this consultation and will be destroyed 12 months after it closes.

What happens next?

Once the consultation closes, we will review the comments received and provide feedback with suggested changes to the project if they are required. We then hope to introduce new measures in Spring 2022.

Further information

If you require more information, please email