Designated premises supervisor variation/removal

Changing the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

Who can apply to change the DPS?

Only the premises licence holder can apply to vary the person named for the role of DPS - if the licence is held in a company name the application must be made in the company name.

Please note: Applications will be rejected if they are submitted by anyone other than the licence holder.

What consent must the new DPS give?

The person nominated to be the new DPS must fill in the 'Consent of individual to being specified as premises supervisor form' to be attached to an online application, or the relevant details in the composite paper form if they are applying by post. They must fill in their current address.

If they have changed their address since they obtained their personal licence, they must update their personal licence before submitting an application. Find how to change details on a personal licence and pay online

Please note: Applications will be rejected if the consent form and personal licence do not both hold the current address of the proposed new DPS.

Application fee

The application fee is £23.00.

How to apply


Before completing the online form please complete this 'consent of individual to being specified as premises supervisor form' as you will need to attach it to your online application. You will be prompted during the online application process.

Apply online to change the DPS

By post

Relinquishing the role of DPS

If you no longer wish to carry out the role of DPS but an application to vary the licence has not been made, you can request that your name is removed from the licence.

There is no fee required to deposit this form.

How to apply

Download, complete and return the form below to the address on the form. Please read the form carefully and ensure the procedures noted are carried out.

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. The application may take effect immediately or on a date specified in the application form and revised premises licence and licence summary will be issued to you.

If the Chief Officer of Police for the area where the premises is situated is satisfied that the exceptional circumstances of the case are such that granting the application would undermine the crime prevention objective, he must give a notice of this to the Licensing Authority within 14 days. The Licensing Authority will then hold a hearing to determine the notice given by the police.