Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) identifies the key issues affecting the health and wellbeing of local people, both now and in the future.

This ongoing process includes reviewing a wide range of information and data, as well as service user and community views.  

The JSNA provides a basis for the development of a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which is aimed at addressing the key health and wellbeing need, and also provides a reference point for all those working to improve health and reduce inequalities.

Statement of Need

The statement of need provides a summary of the process which Liverpool has adopted for a JSNA, the issues considered and the health and wellbeing priorities agreed by the Health and Wellbeing Board.

These priorities will inform the development of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and will cover a three year period.

Topic Reports and Health Needs Assessments

The Statement of Need is underpinned by a series of themed reports and more detailed Health Needs Assessments (HNAs), where each topic is considered in-depth looking at issues of need, inequalities and local action and policy context. Having separate topic reports allows us to refresh our understanding of issues as and when the local picture changes, rather than at a set point in time. These updates could be through receiving new data or intelligence, changes to local services or new national priorities / areas of focus.

Latest updates

Topic reports

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The JSNA is an ongoing process. If you have any comments on the information available, or would like to work with us to develop these or other reports further please contact us.

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