Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

What is it?

Under the Childcare Act 2006, local authorities must ensure that there is sufficient, quality, flexible, and sustainable childcare for parents and carers.

It defines childcare sufficiency as 'sufficient to meet the requirements of parents in the area who require childcare in order for them:

  • To take up or remain in work.
  • To undertake education or training which could reasonably be expected to assist them to obtain work.

In order to meet the sufficiency duty local authorities are required to undertake a detailed assessment of the supply and demand for childcare in their area. The assessment includes research and consultation with parents, carers, young people, employers and providers.

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment is a process designed to ensure there is enough childcare to meet the needs of parents and carers with children aged up to 14 years old (or up to 17 years old for disabled children and children with additional needs).

Liverpool’s Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for 2014-17 

As a result of this assessment we have produced the following action plan and summary:

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