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Why has my area been chosen for regeneration?

The Picton Renewal area covers 1,004 properties and is situated close to the City Centre and Wavertree Technology Park. Picton was declared a Renewal Area in 2005 following a Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment (NRA). The NRA identified that parts of the area suffered from low demand, abandonment and lack of investment.

Properties in Picton offer little choice for residents as they are predominantly older terraced properties, many in a poor physical condition and lacking basic environmental amenity.

What is happening?

The Masterplan for the redevelopment of the Picton Renewal Area was approved in November 2009. The Masterplan was developed by the Design Working Group which was set up in the summer of 2008. The group consisted of representatives from all key stakeholders in the area including the local community, lead developer Bellway Homes, Liverpool City Council, Ward Councillors and lead Registered Social Landlord (RSL) for the area, Riverside.

Acquisition and Clearance

The programme in Picton includes the demolition of approximately 500 properties. Following the approval of the Compulsory Purchase Order in 2008, the City Council successfully bought all properties in Phases 1 and 2 of the clearance area. Since these acquisitions, demolition has progressed with a rolling programme of clearance between Scholar Street and Tunstall Street where some of the worst housing conditions were identified and this work is now finished. 

It is proposed that the clearance programme will extend through Phase 3 to Webster Road (evens).The acquisition by agreement of properties in Phase 3 has started and the City Council is contacting residents to negotiate sales.

The Phasing Plan shows how the clearance programme is being implemented in stages, to limit the amount of disruption taking place in the area.

As each site is cleared, it is levelled, landscaped and sown with grass seed and edged with knee rails to prevent fly-tipping in preparation for redevelopment.

New Build Developments

Bellway Homes will be constructing approximately 450 properties on the cleared site. The new housing development will provide modern homes with gardens and parking facilities, offering more choice for existing residents and also attracting new people to the area.

There are further housing developments in nearby locations, which have been completed to provide new homes. These include:

  • LSeven development by Braidwater at Spofforth Road. This development created 232 new homes in total, many of which were sold off plan during its early stages. Properties are for sale, rent and shared ownership in order to create a balance of tenure and provide choice for residents.
  • Spekefield Mews development at Spekeland Road. This development provided 57 modern new homes for sale, rent and shared ownership. This scheme is now complete and fully occupied.

Investment in Existing Stock

A refurbishment programme in the sustainable neighbourhoods forms part of the strategy for the area and this has been ongoing since 2006. This programme is aimed at improving both the immediate environment and front elevations of sustainable homes and is complemented by Riverside investing in their own properties.

So far, this programme has been targeted to Spofforth Road, Bannerman Street, Galloway Street, Whithorn Street, Sandhead Street, Corsewall Street, Webster Road and parts of Earle Road.

For more information about the Front Environmental Improvement Programme contact your local Neighbourhood Management Team by phoning Liverpool Direct on 0151 233 3001 or visiting the City and North Neighbourhood Management Team at:

Job Bank
4 Tunnel Road
L7 6QD

How long will all this take?

The regeneration of Picton is expected to be a 10 year process, however, there is currently a review being undertaken regarding the Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment (NRA) recommendations for Webster Triangle, which may require the programme to be extended.

Will I be affected?

Click on My Neighbourhood to find out if your property is affected.

If my property is included within the Housing Market Renewal area, how will I be affected?

The 'how will I be affected page' provide information about how you will be affected if you are a tenant, home owner, or business owner living or working in areas identified as sustainable or for clearance.

If you would like to speak to someone about the changes which may be happening in your area, please contact your local Neighbourhood Management Team by ringing Liverpool Direct on 0151 233 3001.

Visit our online HMR Library to view the Easby HMR newsletters and find more information.

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