Bulky Bob's - collections have restarted

To protect you and our drivers, you must leave your items for collection outside your home.
If anyone is your household has had coronavirus symptoms in the 14 days leading up to collection, please cancel your appointment.
Please be aware, waiting times may be longer than usual. 

Find a recycling centre or tip.

Bulky Bob collection terms and conditions

Please note - this service is only available for Liverpool City Council residents. For collections outside of Liverpool please contact your local authority.

We do not collect:

  • Sun beds.
  • Pianos.
  • Fixtures and fittings from bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Glass items where the glass is damaged or hasn't been secured.
  • Household clearances.
Please read the following statement and click on 'request a bulky item' button if you wish to proceed with the Bulky Bob's collection.
  • I am booking a Bulky Bob's Collection for a private residential property within Liverpool only.
  • I understand that collections booked for outside of the Liverpool area will be cancelled. This may be on the day of collection.
  • I understand that my booking is for one individual domestic property. A house containing a number of flats requires an individual booking per flat.
  • I understand the items for collection should be accessible to Bulky Bob's and where possible on the ground floor.
  • I am aware that Bulky Bob's operatives wear clothing bearing the company logo. All operatives also have individual identification badges and will show these on request.
  • I am aware that should anyone attempt to gain access to my property without any identification or without being prepared to show any identification, that they are not operatives representing Liverpool City Council.  Therefore the council will not be liable for any loss/damage occurred during the removal of any items.
  • If disability or age restricts the movement of the items, customers are required to  request help from a family member/neighbour/friend where possible. If this is not possible Bulky Bob’s will make a decision on the day concerning whether or not they can move the items safely and without causing any damage to property. 
  • Bulky Bob's do not accept any liability regarding damage to property when assisting to remove the item from the property or driveway. I understand I may be asked to sign a disclaimer form in advance of items being removed from the property.
  • I am aware I need to cover any items such as sofas and beds as items that are too wet may not be collected on the day by Bulky Bob’s due to the weight of the item.
  • My item/s may be refused collection if it is deemed hazardous to health (e.g. infested or soiled) or operatives are unable to lift the item (e.g. rain soaked mattress would be considered too heavy and dangerous). Mattresses, were possible should also be stored upright.
  • If the item is a carpet it should be rolled up and tied with string and stored in an upright position.  The volume of flooring collected on the day is discretionary and an additional booking may be required.
  • Laminate or wooden flooring must be stacked neatly and tied together. The volume of flooring collected on the day is discretionary and an additional booking may be required.
  • Bedframes must be dismantled.
  • Bulky Bob's can collect items containing glass, e.g. display cabinets. But the glass must be secured (taped/covered) and not smashed or shattered.
  • Items can be removed from the rear of the property. Where access is restricted by an alley gate please note that the Bulky Bob drivers do not have alleygate keys. The customer must arrange for the gate to open or be at the property to meet the drivers and open the gate for them. Please state in the description how Bulky Bob's will be given access.
  • Under no circumstances can items be left in the alley/passageway itself or the public highway.
  • Bulky Bob's will only collect from garages/sheds if the customer is available to accompany the crew.
  • If items are left for collection outside the property, they must be clearly visible to the Bulky Bob's when they arrive at the front of the property.
  • Bulky Bob's will collect items of furniture from residential flats. If there is no lift on the block of flats, Bulky Bob's will attempt access to the flat via the stairwell but a guarantee cannot be given that the items will be collected if there is an access issue. Each flat must have an individual collection request.
  • If the block of flats has a lift and it is out of order, again Bulky Bob's will make an attempt to gain access but may have to return upon repair of the lift.
  • Bulky Bob's will collect from vacant properties where the resident has passed away and the house will soon be vacated. The relative or friend of the deceased are able to arrange a Bulky Bob collection of the household items to be collected for when the property is vacant. Again there must only be five items and the relative or friend of the deceased should be requested to keep the items dry.
By requesting a collection you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

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