Coroner's Office

You can contact the Coroner's Office on any of the following numbers or submit the form below:

  • Coroner's office - 0151 233 5770 (office hours only).

  • Coroner's pager for urgent matters only such as homicide or organ donation referrals - 07623 977 846 (out of office hours). This should be used for matters that cannot wait until the next working day.

If a death referred to the Coroner occurred in a hospital the body is likely to be kept there pending the inquiry.

If the death occurred in the community in Liverpool the body is usually taken to Liverpool City Public Mortuary (tel 0151 707 2365). In the Wirral, the body will usually be taken to Arrowe Park Hospital (tel 0151 604 7156).

Opening hours

The Coroner's office is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Outside the usual office hours, sudden, violent and unexpected deaths should be reported through any police officer.

Contact Us

Telephone 0151 233 5770

Gerard Majella Courthouse Boundary Street Liverpool L5 2QD