Key statistics and data

Neighbourhood profiles

Liverpool has implemented a new Neighbourhood Model to transform the way it delivers frontline services.

The new model divides the city into 13 Neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood is led by a senior manager, who will identify the key issues facing their neighbourhood, and work with partners and departments across the Council to address them.

To support the Neighbourhood Model we have developed interactive reports to summarise key information across a wide range of council services.

As with the ward profiles, many of the topics in the report are based on data from internal Council systems, as published data is not currently available. As published information becomes available, the report will be revised.

What's in the report

The topics covered are:

  • Census 2021 data on population, ethnicity, religion and health
  • Adult social care
  • Children's social care
  • Community safety
  • Community environment
  • Democratic services
  • Education attendance and inclusion
  • Environmental health
  • Health including mortality, births and obesity
  • Housing including council tax bands and social housing
  • Local services including GPs, schools and leisure
  • Planning applications and building control
  • Universal credit and unemployment claims, fuel poverty and indices of deprivation.

The profiles will change over time.  Existing data will be updated and new data will be added.

Using the neighbourhood profiles

A neighbourhood area can be selected using the dropdown filter, above the map, on the report homepage.  Each topic shows results for the selected neighbourhood. Access a topic by clicking on the coloured button on the report homepage. You can navigate through the report by using the arrows at the bottom of the report pages or the page navigation at the bottom of the report.

Help with using the neighbourhood profiles

If you're not sure how to use the report, guidance is available (the guidance opens in a new page).

Further information

If you would like more help with using the neighbourhood profiles please contact