Liverpool Domestic Violence and Abuse Strategy 2017-2020

This strategy sets out our vision to contribute towards making Liverpool one of the safest cities in the world. It outlines our current response to the issue and sets out our long term aims and our approach for meeting them through partnership, consultation and commitment to reducing domestic violence and abuse.

Realising our vision for a city where ‘no one suffers from domestic violence or abuse, whether at the hands of their partner, ex-partner, child, carer or other family member’ is a huge undertaking and is set against a difficult economic climate. We will use resources wisely by integrating commissioning across organisations, where possible, to ensure best value while maintaining quality support to individuals and families.

We will listen to the voice of victims and children and work alongside stakeholders and the community to develop a ‘One City’ approach to progress our vision.

We will strive to break down barriers to working in silo to enable a more collaborative model within and across organisations.

This strategy is supported by a multi-agency three-year action plan, which is monitored quarterly by partner organisations. Progress will be reported to relevant governing boards.